The Païolive Wood, a fairy nature site

Discover a magical, geological wood

Take a mysterious walk through the Païolive wood, one of the most unusual sites in Ardeche.  This natural maze above the Chassezac river is located between the communities of Les Vans, Banne and Berrias-et-Casteljau, an area of woodland dotted since the dawn of time with bizarre blocks of limestone, sculpted by erosion.  This atmospheric and puzzling mix of rock and vegetation is a wonderfully atmospheric place for a walk. 

Family visits to the Païolive Wood

An air of mystery

Experience the magic of the rocks, oak trees and the gentle sounds of nature.


Did you know?

More than 20 species of bats live in the Païolive Wood.

Rocks shaped like animals

Use your imagination to see animals in the strange rock shapes.   Is that an elephant?  A lion maybe?  Or perhaps a bear?  There’s fun for all ages in this enchanted forest. 

A 5km walk

Try one of the various shady walking loops but be careful to keep your feet on the paths as the Païolive Wood is a protected nature site. And maybe pass close to the Saint-Eugène hermitage, perched on rock and part of a circular loop suggested by the Ardeche Cevennes Tourist Office.

Man wandering in the Paiolive wood

A Sensitive Natural Space

These protected spaces (ENS or Espace Naturel Sensible) are special because of their biodiversity, their different landscapes or geologyThe Païolive Wood is home to a number of rare wildlife species and plants.

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Open. Farm in 18h30
place Léopold Ollier
07140 Les Vans
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