Thermal water centres and spas for relaxing breaks

The benefits of thermal cures have been widely proven, and the spring waters of Ardeche are renowned for their therapeutic and relaxing properties.  Experience these for yourself at our three thermal spa resorts: Vals-les-Bains, Saint-Laurent-les-Bains and Neyrac-les-Bains.  We have wonderful wellness spas too with hammam, sauna and a range of other treatments – plenty of options to fill a relaxing weekend break or a longer wellbeing stay. And because there are other ways to relax and switch off, we also offer a range of activities in nature, as well as the chance to eat good, healthy food.


Did you know?

Natural mineral water from Vals was served at the court of the kings of FranceIt is one of the oldest mineral water springs to be exploited in France.

All you have to do is choose between our three thermal resorts:

Woman relaxing at the Séquoia Redwood Spa in Vals-les-Bains

Vals-les-Bains, the ultra-relaxing spa

Surrounded by a park dotted with historic trees and crossed by the Volane river, a geyser spurts intermittently to a height of 15 metres, a rare natural phenomenon.  In addition to medical cures, the resort boasts the luxurious Sequoia Redwood Spa with sensory circuits, massage cubicles, hammam, sauna and Jacuzzi.  Don’t miss the famous Maison Beatrix either, a fourth-generation ice cream parlour, or a fun evening at the casino. 

Neyrac-les-Bains, the gourmet spa

After your thermal water treatments, enjoy a gastronomic meal in the Brioude restaurant with its sweeping views over the Ardeche valley.   You can visit the pretty character village of Meyras and go on to Thueyts to see the basalt columns nicknamed the Giants’ Pavement, as well as the famous Devil’s Bridge.

Dish from the restaurant “Le brioude”, “Toqués d’Ardèche”

Saint-Laurent-les-Bains, the artistic spa 

Furthest west of the three thermal spa resorts and surrounded by unspoilt countryside, Saint-Laurent-les-Bains makes an idea base for walking.  For art lovers or those who just like something a bit unusual, you can follow your treatment programme with a visit to the outdoor artworks along the ‘Partage des Eaux’, an invisible natural watershed line that has been turned into an open air gallery with works such as ‘Grotte de Cristal’ and ‘Terre Loire’.

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Are children allowed in the spa?

At Sequoia Redwood, children between the ages of 6 and 13 can enjoy the spa on Wednesdays only between 9h and 13h but only if able to swim and accompanied by an adult.

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