Welcome to Ardèche, where natural beauty meets rich history and vibrant culture. Start your journey at the remarkable Grotte Chauvet 2, a replica of the famous prehistoric cave, then stand in awe at the majestic Pont d’Arc and traverse the breathtaking Ardeche gorges. Discover the origins of the Loire River at Mont-Gerbier de Jonc, and get up close with wildlife at the Peaugres Safari. Experience the charm of the region by riding the historical Ardeche steam train and wandering through character villages.

Explore the region by bike on scenic trails, take a hot air balloon ride over Green Ardèche, or hike through the wild beauty of The Monts d’Ardeche Geopark, a UNESCO site. Make the most of your visit with the Pass’Ardèche, giving you access and discounts to the best attractions and activities. Embark on your Ardèche adventure now and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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