11 environmentaly-friendly gestures to preserve Ardeche

Here are all the Ardeche ecoproverbs so we don’t forget the importance of respecting the environment, even when we are on holiday.


Here in Ardeche, we protect our nature

16 sensitive nature Areas, 26 natura 2000 sites, 60 UNESCO Geosites, more than 250 rare or threatened species in the Monts d’Ardeche Regional Nature Park, 1950 ha of nature preserved in the Nature Reserve of the Ardeche Gorges.

Turn that tap off !

Use water sensibly when taking a shower, washing hands, doing the dishes, and for maintenance and cleaning. A bath uses 150 to 200 litres of water against just 60 litres for a shower.   So take a shower for no more than five minutes and turn the water off whilst applying soap.  

Bright enough? Then switch it off !

Turn the light off whenever you leave a room and think whether you really need additional lighting, especially during daylight hours.

Unplug me please when not in use.

Turn off the power source for electrical appliances when a room is empty.  Televisions, coffee machines and telephone chargers are amongst many gadgets that consume electricity even when switched off.  And don’t keep appliances on standby.

Don’t waste it; recycle it.

Protect the planet by recycling wherever possible, a simple action that will help minimise the extraction of excess natural resources.  Recycling saves waste because your rubbish could be used to make new products.  It also reduces pollution because extracting natural resources harms water, air and soil.  Emissions of harmful C02 increase too when new goods are made, especially when imported from far away.

Turn down the heating to save the planet.

Turn your heating down and keep it below 19°C in the winter.  There should never be more than 5 to 7°C difference in temperature between inside and out.  And if a room isn’t being used, turn the heating off.

Open windows waste heat.

You only need to open windows for 5 or 10 minutes to renew the air in a room.  If you want to open a window in winter, turn the heating off first and in summer, turn the air conditioning off.

Cut the car – you’re better by bike !

Look for sustainable alternatives to the car every time you travel.  Ardèche is rich in cycle routes, find out more about marke trails close to your holiday accommodation.

Support Slow Food – buy local.

Buying local produce reduces the impact on the environment and boosts an area’s gastronomic heritage. 

Even small steps can limit food waste.

Small actions soon add up when it comes to tackling food waste.  Put excess food to good use by finding new recipes, serving smaller portions, making preserves from seasonal produce, and giving to food associations.

Leave nature as you found it.

Be careful not to damage vegetation and wildlife.  We should all leave the natural world in the same state that we found it.

Save the countryside – stick to the path!

A miniature ecosystem lies hidden beneath every step that we take.  So when you’re out walking, be sure to stay on official paths in order to preserve the natural biodiversity.  Access to all the footpaths in the Monts d’Ardèche Regional Nature Park.

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