Hiking in Ardeche, an immersive experience in nature

Take a deep breath of fresh clean air and explore our marked trails on foot, on horseback or walking with a donkey, to pass through stunning scenery and picturesque villages.  From the Regional Nature Park of the Monts d’Ardeche to the Ardeche Cevennes and uplands, the department offers a variety of sensory journeys along an extensive network of marked trails, whether for a relaxing weekend or an excursion with friends.  Whether you choose to go with a guide or independently, you can expect a kaleidoscope of landscapes and a real sensory treat.  A new way of travelling where man and nature co-exist in complete harmony.

Hiking in Ardeche – an exceptional backdrop

Walking enthusiasts will be overwhelmed by the impressive landscape of Ardeche and by the different kinds of experience on offer, from walks through water.
Different kinds of experience on offer from walking through and beside rivers to night hikes.  Whichever one you choose, you will enjoy your favourite activity in exceptional surroundings. 


Did you know?

The legendary massif of the Tanargue takes its name from ‘Taranis’, the Celtic word for sky and thunder, both dramatically played out over the ‘Arga’ mountainThus Tanargue came to mean thunder mountain.

Local guides can take you to the upper slopes for great panoramic views, passing waterfalls, stone arches, rivers and many other natural gems along the way.

Family or group hiking at the Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc, in spring

Hiking guides 

Relax from your very first step in the company of a professional hiking guide who will show you the prettiest corners of Ardeche and reveal the area’s hidden corners and different ambiances.  All our guides are passionate about their local environment and eager to share their knowledge of nature and biodiversity.  Whether you are after a sporting challenge or a family ramble, you will be in excellent hands. 

Tour the Tanargue over four days

Follow in the tracks of shepherds and their flocks on this 62km circuit from Largentière that will take you through an unspoilt massif of volcanic scenery and surprising contrasts. Most of the trail is along ridges over 1000 metres above sea level that look down on to the valleys of the Borne, the Beaume and the Lignon.  Follow paths taken by mule drivers in centuries past and during transhumance when livestock is herded to mountain pastures for the summer.

Transhumance on the Tanargue in spring
Man hiking with a donkey on the heights of Valgorge, at the very beginning of spring

Walking with a donkey

Sabine has devised a two-day trip with an overnight camping stop.  Imagine the scene as the sun goes down and the stars appear, then waking to hear the sound of the dawn chorus.  But first you need to reach the ridge where you are going to camp.   Everything is there for you and the donkey already.  Compostable toilets, a solar-powered shower, camping stove, cooking ustensils and a tent hung from the trees where you will fall asleep to the sounds of the breeze and nature all around you.  Walk at your own pace across meadows and open grassland for two truly unforgettable days.

Along the GR7

The Partage des Eaux or Watershed trail is an open-air collection of huge artworks.  The natural watershed line runs from east to west across Ardeche, rain falling on one side flowing into the Atlantic and on the other, to the Mediterranean.  This natural wonder may be invisible to the naked eye but is marked by an impressive artistic project that began there in 2017.  Here at the heart of the Monts d’Ardeche Regional Nature Park, a select band of artists have been invited to create pieces of outdoor art that enhance the landscape, heritage, expertise and history of the local area.  Impossible not to be impressed by a landscape shaped by water that has fired the imagination of such talented artists. 

Hiking on the watershed in autumn with the Mont-Gerbier-de-Jonc in the background

Prepare your holiday

Preparing your hike

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