Lavender: Ardeche in blue colours!

Near the Gorges of the Ardèche, in the heart of lavender fields, enter a magical world of scents and colours. Lavender has always grown on the Plateau des Gras but the first crops were created in the early 20th century. There are approximately twenty species, three of which are predominant in Southern Ardèche: lavandin, broad-leaved lavender and fine lavender.

Olive: exceptional diversity and fruity!

There are 33 varieties of olives in Ardeche, olive trees growing on the south-facing slopes. With their silvery leaves and a distinctive shape, the olive trees produce high quality olive oil, in an area stretching from Les Vans to Saint-Marcel d’Ardèche and up to Aubenas. Olive harvests are made between November and December, then the five mills are then running at full capacity.


Did you know?

The lavender flowering time lasts from approximately mid-June to the end of July.  It is then harvested in order to extract the essential oil.

Sunset over a field at the “Maison de la lavande” Museum

Domaine Lavandaïs

In this family run distillery in Saint-Remèze, learn about the growth, the extraction of essential oil from the plant, and how it is transformed into perfume. Get on board the little train and let yourself be carried out into the heart of the lavender fields!
Good to know : visits available in 5 languages!

Païolive Wood Distillery

A garden filled with both wild and cultivated species of Mediterranean medicinal plants. A visit to the distillery shows how the essential oil is extracted and how the plants are dried to make delicious beneficial herbal teas.

Man harvesting thyme in summer
Olive harvest in winter

Lou Mouli d’Oli

Located in the heart of the Rhône valley, this olive oil mill in Bourg-Saint-Andéol is run by Ingrid Pradal, with the assistance of Marion Teissonnière. It has been family run since four generations. Discover the different stages of producing olive oil as well as other local products made with olives.

Domaine du Pigeonnier

A visit at the family run Domaine du Pigeonnier is worth it as you stroll along an organic olive tree grove of 1,200 trees spread on four hectares among terraced crops at the foothills of the Cevennes, with vineyards nearby. Jocelyn Vigouroux will share his passion with visitors while tasting his various olive oils produced on site.

Olive oil

When should I come to see the lavender blossoming?

Lavender usually blooms from mid-June. Then it is harvested by the end of July in order to extract the essential oils. At Domaine Lavandaïs, producers leave the fields nearby in bloom until the end of summer time.

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