Peaugres Safari, the preservation of species

An African plain in the heart of France

The largest animal park in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region, Peaugres Safari is a wild territory dedicated to the conservation of rare and protected species.  Your wildlife journey will take you through four continents spread across 80 hectares, from Madagascar to the Poles.  On the way, you will meet all kinds of unusual animals, as well as some more familiar species at close quarters in the farm.  More than 1200 animals from 134 species live at this veritable Noah’s Ark, from giraffes to lions, bears to red pandas.   There is something here to delight everyone. 

Peaugres Safari Park for all ages

By car

This is how it works.  First drive round a designated circuit that takes you through two countries in one hour.  Enjoy two contrasting environments as you travel from the zebras, rhinos and hippos of Africa to the forests of North America, home to black bears and herds of bison.  Then leave your vehicle in the car park and continue on foot to meet some of the must-see residents of the safari park, including tigers, all kinds of monkey species, lemurs, the sealions’pool, giraffe walkway, and Leonie’s Farm. 


Did you know?

Every year, the keeper of the park’s animal food store handles 80 tonnes of apples, 33 tonnes of meet, 21 tonnes of fish, 2.5 tonnes of bananas, 100 kilos of Emmental, 7650 eggs, and 5000 yoghurts.

Hands-on experiences

Go behind the scenes with a variety of unique activities.  Discover the day-to-day work of a keeper, or maybe get involved with preparing meals for the hungry animals before feeding them.  You could also take a private drive in a 4 x 4 around the car circuit or take a guided walk by moonlight.  The choice is yours!

A good night’s sleep

Like the idea of sleeping over?  Spend an unforgettable night in a wooden tree house in the heart of the North American zone.  Over a typical Ardechois supper, you will hear wolves howling and all the other nocturnal noises of the nature around you. 

Long-eared owl

Safari de Peaugres – a bird conservation area

Many areas have been left as wilderness, a haven for a wide variety of species of insect, bird and amphibian who find both food and shelter hereIn recognition of the 120 species of bird recorded, Safari de Peaugres was designated a Refuge LPO in 2021 by the League for the Protection of Birds.

Prepare and book my stay around Peaugres Safari

Are dogs allowed in Safari de Peaugres?

All dogs (other than Category 1) are allowed in the park, apart from in close encounter enclosures, but must be kept on a lead shorter than one metre. 

Dogs in Category 2 must be muzzled at all times in all zones accessible by the public (visitor circuit and car parks). 

 Dogs in Category 1 are forbidden from entering the park. 

Is Safari de Peaugres open in bad weather?

You can still see the animals, even when it is raining, so the park does remain open in bad weather, but if in doubt, check the website. 

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