The Ray-Pic waterfalls and the volcanic heritage

The Ray Pic waterfall, invigorating and volcanic

Deep in the heart of the Monts d’Ardeche Regional Nature Park, the Ray Pic waterfall is a cool, refreshing spot from every angle.  Look down on it first from the viewpoint beside the road, then leave your vehicle in the car park a little further on and follow the footpath to the cascade.  Information panels along the way explain the origins of this spectacular geosite.  But even though the pure water can look inviting, especially in high summer, bathing is strictly forbidden for safety reasons. 

A cascade to enjoy from every angle

A volcanic site

The falls were classified as a natural volcanic site in 1931.  Water from the river Bourges drops over basalt columns 60m high.


Did you know?

The Ray Pic volcano was originally one of the longest lava flows in France stretching for 20km.

Discovering Ray Pic

Thanks to a number of belvederes, you can enjoy various views over Ray Pic.  Although the official footpath is accessible to most visitors, you do need appropriate footwear to walk through the undergrowth and should also be able to negotiate stairs.

A stunning spectacle

You will need around half an hour to walk down to the last viewpoint and see the water tumbling over the basalt ‘organ pipes’.

Ray-Pic waterfall

A waterfall in the Regional Nature Park of the Monts d’Ardeche

The Park was created in 2001 with the aim of promoting local heritage and resources, and improving both local attractions and the quality of life for residents, whilst all the time respecting the natural environment. 

Prepare and book my stay around the Ray Pic 

Are you allowed to bathe in the Ray Pic waterfall?

Bathing is strictly forbidden at the Ray Pic cascade for safety reasons. 

Is there a car park close to the falls?

There are car parks for both cars and coaches at the head of the footpath to the waterfall. 

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