Chapelle Notre Dame de la Mûre

The origin of the chapel of Notre-Dame de la Mûre is lost in the mists of time. It would have been built in recognition of some extraordinary grace, obtained through the intercession of N.-D. du Puy, of which it remained a branch for a long time.
A local tradition tells of two travellers who, finding themselves in danger on the Rhône, had recourse to N.-D. du Puy and vowed to have a chapel built on the very spot where their boat would land.
It was done as promised and, in the small sanctuary, the shipwrecked of the Virgin placed a black statue, quite similar to that of Le Puy. It is from there that the name N.-D. de la Mûre or N.-D. Noire would have come from.
The first mention of the chapel dates back to 960.
The chapel would have been destroyed at the time of the wars of religion, around 1570, by the admiral of Coligny, and remained in ruins because of the troubled times which followed.
It was rebuilt after 1701 and then ruined again during the Revolution, and was bought as a national asset in 1793 by auction for 325 pounds. Its new owner had the roof removed as well as the ashlars and windows. Only the four walls of the chapel remained.
It was sold in 1810 and covered with a roof, but the chapel did not close.
In 1854, the most urgent repairs were made and the chapel was returned to worship.
In 1856 it was rebuilt and enlarged and the last works were completed in 1865, with the vault, the apse and the sacristy.
Source: “Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Wall – Coronation Festival 4-7 July 1946”.

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