Heritage and healing stone

Le Roux village is located on the south flank of the Massif central, in a region that is favorable to hiking. The web of paths and roman roads, which are all marked, offers numerous walks towards the plateau or the valley.
The Sainte Abeille stone is nowadays built into one of the walls of the Roux's church. According to the legend, monks from Mazan wanted to take this stone, which was originally placed in the Ste Abeille gallo-roman sanctuary but weren't able to do so whereas two farmers from the Roux were.
The stone is said to be miraculous as it is supposed to cure ear buzzing. One should place one finger in the hole of the stone and then apply said finger onto your ear for the buzzing to be cured.

Opening / Rates

From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.


07560 Le Roux
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