"Planète Mars" Observatoire Hubert Reeves

A unique observatory where you can learn all about astronomy. Its assets: a quality sky far from light pollution and quality optical instruments for contemplating the magic of the stars.
Planète Mars Observatoire Hubert Reeves is a site for discovering and practising astronomy.

Located in the commune of Mars, the site has a number of high-quality instruments for observing the sky. It is regularly used by amateur astronomers from the Club d’Astronomie de Mars (CAM) and is occasionally open to the general public.

One of the special features of this observatory is the excellent quality of the Martian sky, which is far from the light pollution of the cities, making it ideal for studying the stars. The Hubert Reeves observatory is also one of the few astronomical sites in France to be recognised and protected by a national decree aimed at preserving the darkness of the night sky.

The high quality of the observatory is based on its many tools: telescopes, telescopes, solarscopes and so on. Finally, the dome houses a large, professional-quality telescope specialising in astrophotography and the study of stars.

On the road, the Astromobile will also be spreading knowledge about the sky and the stars, thanks to its many educational tools, including the inflatable Planetarium.


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From 01/01 to 31/12, daily.

From 11/04 to 29/10/2016, daily.
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