This pleasant little village can be found on the way up to the Col de la Croix Millet. On the road, covered with chestnut groves, you can enjoy great views of the Val de Ligne and Tanargue mountain range.
The 13 hamlets around the Ligne Valley make up the village of Prunet. At the top of the village stands the beautiful 11th century Saint Grégoire church, with its three naves, two spans, a gate made of round-headed vaults, a square bell tower and a traditional stone roof.
It was expanded in the 17th century and again in the 19th century. It was classed as a historic monument in 1965.
Prunet church is a stop on the tour of Romanesque churches in Ardèche.
Its outstanding scenery and perfect acoustics make it an ideal place for classical music and choral concerts.
The village has been involved in an important project for the preservation and development of its historical and cultural heritage.
Changing the church roof into stone was part of this project.Organising a new stone roof allowed the village to showcase its exceptionally developed heritage. More information on the website:

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Throughout the year : open daily.


07110 Prunet
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