Chasse aux papillons petites jambes

Itinerary details

Duration per day : 02h30
Type of route : BOUCLE
Distance : 4.23 km
Elevation gain : 39 m
Level green – easy
This loop is not difficult and invites you to discover a rural landscape where water is very present: wash house, ponds…. You can find this walk in our application "les échappées inspirées" and in our walking guide.
This natural environment is colonised by numerous insects and invertebrates: ladybirds, butterflies, beetles, etc. These insects find many elements favourable to their development: pollen, nectar, water in the axils of leaves and stems, humidity… and a cover to shelter them. Many invertebrates and insect-eating vertebrates will feed on the insects present and thus further enrich this small ecosystem, which we must be careful not to disturb.
You can find this route on our application “Les Echappées Inspirées”.
This is a free application that turns your mobile phone into a hiking GPS. Once the route has been loaded online, there is no need to be connected and no risk of getting lost.
The walker is guided by the voice instructions of his device, which indicates changes of direction, natural or historical points of interest, possible areas of caution, etc.
Photos, audio content and short quizzes are also provided to enhance the walk and help you find your way around.


Au bord de l’Argentelle, petit parking entre boulodrome et stade
26140 Anneyron
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