Géocaching en Berg & Coiron

Find Geocaches with your smartphone
Geocaching is an outdoor game where players use their smartphones to search for treasures: “caches”.
The objective is to discover new places while participating in a modern treasure hunt.

Necessary :
A smartphone and the free Geocaching application
Small objects to travel with (optional)
Good shoes, most caches are on hiking trails. Some are in the heart of our villages
Observation! The caches are sometimes 1 or 2 meters from the GPS coordinates found. Sometimes also high up, hidden behind a branch or a stone, but never buried
Be careful! Hard-to-reach caches are marked: do not take any unnecessary risks. The Tourist Office disclaims all liability in the event of an accident.
Respect ! Always put the cache back exactly where you found it. You will never have to distort the location to find the cache


590 chemin de la Cave
07170 Mirabel
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