Hiking trail "les capitelles"

Itinerary details

Duration per day : 02h30
Type of route : BOUCLE
Distance : 9.2 km
Elevation gain : 242 m
Varied circuit both in terms of the paths taken and the landscapes: between ravines and agricultural plots. Beautiful views of Mont Ventoux and the Rhône plain.
Departure from the hiking info panel behind the Tourist Office, Place du Champ de Mars 07700 Bourg-Saint Andéol (large car park). When you are facing the hiking sign, turn left, avenue Marc Pradelle. At the first intersection, turn right, rue Marc Pradelle. See panel (1) on the wall and follow the direction “Darbousset1.8 km”.
Cross the bridge over the railway line and continue on this street which becomes a path passing under a bridge. You will then see the Château de Bellevue on your left. Go straight, staying on the GR 42. After passing a few houses, turn left to cross to the other side of the small stream on a wide path which turns into a path that climbs quite steeply (very difficult on mountain bike).
After 1km uphill, a beautiful view of the Rhône Valley awaits you. Arrived at the paved road, turn right, and, at the “Darbousset” post (2), follow “Bourg-Saint-Andéol 7.5 km”.
Continue on this wide path for 600m; and, arrived at a junction, go to the left, then go down towards the post (3) and follow the direction “Croix de Romanet 1.8 km” on the right to follow the vineyard. Then arrive at a capitelle on your left (a little hidden by the vegetation).
Be carefull, these built shelters in dry stones are fragile. If you go in, it is at your own risk! Do not degrade them.
Take the path between the vines and the trees then continue straight. At the end of the vines, go up on your right in the wood, to arrive in front of a new capitelle. From there, go to the left.
When the path comes out of the woods and leads to an agricultural path, follow it to the right for 50m to the next post (4). Turn right there, towards “Croix de Romanet”, the path that goes down. After About 250 m, turn right, the path descends steeply to the bottom of the valley. Cross the small stream and take the path opposite which goes up to the right.
Arrived at the top of the valley, take the path on the right well marked up to the road and the ”Croix de Romanet” post (5).

For the 7 km variant, take the direction “Seilloux”. Arrived at a 1st junction, continue on the right, and at the “T” turn left. Go uphill for 250 meters, take the small road to the right. At the junction further on, turn left and follow this road (chemin de la Morelle as far as the “Seilloux” post (7).Turn left and go back to the description below.

For the 9km circuit: from the Croix de Romanet, follow “Coulange 3.1 km” by the small road. When it leads to the D 358, cross and take the path opposite. The path can be difficult for a few meters, until you find a farm track to take to the right. To a first junction go left; and, at another junction , 100 m further on, go to the right. A nice trail in the woods takes you to a farm from where you take a small paved road that descends under the trees, turns left then right and joins another one. At the junction, go up to the right.
Shortly after, a small trip allows you to see the Saint Férréol chapel on the left. Pass it.
At Domaine de Coulange, you join the GR42 at the junction with the Poteau Coulange (6). Follow it “Bourg-St-Andéol 2.8 km” speaks GR 42 to arrive at Poteau Seilloux (7).
Continue towards “Bourg-St-Andéol 1.4 km” down the street. Stay on Avenue de Lattre de Tassigny for +/- 750 m then go down the rue des Tanneries Amblard (you leave the markings at the housing estate of Sainte Cross). Arrived at the laundry, go up the avenue Marc Pradelle which will bring you back to the Champs de Mars.

Good plan from Vincent: go see the antique washhouse, and enter the park. Pass the small bridge to see the Bas-relief of the God Mithra in the cliff and the resurgences. Then go up in Pradelle Park if it is open; and, from the beautiful Art Deco residence, cross the top from the park diagonally to exit through the door to the left of the gate which leads to Av Marc Pradelle
Details on marking :
White and yellow markings all along the trail, white and red (GR 42) on one part of the trail.


Départ de l'Office de Tourisme
07700 Bourg-Saint-Andéol
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