L'Ardéchoise : L'Ardéchoise Vélo Marathon

Itinerary details

3 days
Type of route : ALLER_ITINERANCE
Distance : 278 km
Elevation gain : 5370 m
Cyclists, Level black – very hard
This section is only for the seriously fit and sporty. Always talked about in superlatives, it lives up to the Ardéchoise reputation. Quite simply, it is the hardest cycle route in Europe with 16 passes, climbing to an altitude of 5370m over 278kms. As for the scenery, it measures up to the challenge, so we're talking mountain pass after mountain pass up to the highest and most spectacular peaks in Ardèche surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes that sustain, encourage and motivate weary riders !
Details on marking :
Greenway-type directional signs for cyclists


07410 Saint-Félicien
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