Saint Joseph XXL

Itinerary details

2 days
Type of route : BOUCLE
Distance : 117 km
Elevation gain : 2570 m
Level black – very hard, Cyclists, Mountain bikers
Are you looking for a challenging gravel route ? Then, the XXL St Joseph is made for you.
Starting out from Tournon, you'll first have to climb through the terraced vineyards of the famous St Joseph appellation. 5-star gravel tracks and breathtaking views over the Rhônes valley will make you (almost) forget the difference in altitude.

After a rollercoaster first part between valley and hillsides, you’ll head for the heart of the Ardèche Verte and pass through the authentic villages of Plats (and no, it’s not flat to get there!!) and Colombier le Jeune. Splendid forest tracks, a complete change of scenery with the superb Ardèche peaks as a backdrop.

A day-long or multi-day adventure, between the valley and the mountains, for a complete break from it all.


Quai Farconnet
07300 Tournon-sur-Rhône
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