La fontaine d'eau chaude

The temperature of this spring is 53° and it is located in the centre of the village. Saint Laurent les Bains ranks 9th out of the 60 hottest thermal springs in France.
The water flows out through two horizontal openings located about thirty metres apart:

The small spring is located 10 metres below the “SAIGNE”, named after its former owner. It was also known as the “poor people’s bath”: it was intended more particularly for the use of the less wealthy. Today, it is tapped by the thermal baths.

The Grande Source, which has a larger flow, passes under the road. Since 1829, it has been divided into three branches: one, known as the “source du CAQUET”, supplies the public fountain and the other two are tapped for health care.

Opening / Rates

All year round.
Free access.


Le village
07590 Saint-Laurent-les-Bains – Laval d’Aurelle
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