Sommet de la Croix de Juliau

The mountain top of the Croix de Juliau offers a 360° panorama
Are you dreaming of an adventure in the heart of nature, combining thrilling hiking and breathtaking views? Look no further than the summit of the Croix de Juliau, a unique experience in Ardèche!

The climb to the Croix de Juliau is much more than a simple hike. The trail of the “Plein la vue” route (sheet 8 of our topoguide “Monts de Berg et Massif du Coiron”) immerses you in the preserved beauty of the Ardèche. Along the way, you will discover the local fauna and flora.

Arriving at the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view that seems straight out of a dream. The Croix de Juliau no longer sits enthroned, but the 360° panorama will still be there: your gaze will go from Villeneuve de Berg to the Dent de Rez, passing through authentic villages like Mirabel, St Jean le Centenier, St Pons, Alba la Romaine, and Valvignères, but also by Mont Ventoux, Coiron and Vercors. Don’t forget your camera to capture these wide open spaces!

Some legends attribute the name of Mount Juliau to Julius Caesar (who passed through there), but other sources contradict this theory. However, the Roman presence has been attested since the discovery of a villa, and a temple dedicated to the soothsayer Julius Caesar and Augustus (or Diana depending on the sources).

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Free access.


Place de la Mairie
07580 Saint-Jean-le-Centenier
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