Do Conto

My sculptures relates the difficult comprehension of human condition. Alone or together, my people are always upright, standing up as a challenge to themselves, the others, time…perhaps in search of grace?
My approach is part of a long inner journey, a basic questioning of who I am and my relationship to the world, an adventure full of questions which, although personal, has a universal character that speaks to everyone.

My sculptures are about people and the fragility of being human. Alone or in a group, my figures are always upright, standing as if in defiance …. of themselves, others, time… perhaps in search of grace?

This grace that I try to approach, this precise point where the work takes all its force to suddenly tip over towards something wider …. All my work is geared towards this attempt to arouse an emotion.

That’s why I don’t give my pieces titles, I don’t want to give the viewer any clues.

It’s not what I want to say that’s important, it’s the emotion my work evokes in the viewer.
Creating gives me a freedom of expression that words cannot express and which is only matched by its downside, the extreme solitude of the gesture …. in front of oneself.


From 01/01 to 31/12.

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We speak : French


M. Bruno Pereira
Chemin du moulinet
07380 Jaujac
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